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The Guardian is the answer to the First Visitation, and ostensibly meant to fight the oncoming Second Visitation, in The Final Station.

Summary[edit | edit source]

The Guardian is a giant bipedal machine that is designed to fight the effects of the Capsules and whatever is deploying them. Many citizens seem to place their trust wholesale in this Guardian, while a small minority seem to believe the Guardian itself is a scam, a cover up meant to give citizens a sense of security where there is none. Arriving at Metropol, the Neural Interface and the power core are unloaded. Leaving Metropol, the player can see in the distance the Guardian being launched. Later on the game, the player will see the Guardian crashed, with his armor damaged. It's unknown why the Guardian has failed and one can only assume what happened: the power core was defective, the Neural Interface has malfunctioned, something attacked and defeated the Guardian (or too many zombies or a much larger variant) or the Guardian was poorly made and thus it crashed due to internal system failure (which may support the conspiracy theory that the Guardian was never intended to protect the citizens).

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