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Guide: Surviving a Zombie Attack

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So, you're in a room full of zombies. What now? First, figure out what zombies you're up against.

  1. Fast Zombies: Best dispatched with 2 or 3 headshots. If they are at the back of a big group, wait until they are at the front before shooting.
  2. Slow Zombies: If possible, use melee to kill them. The best tactic is to punch them, then run away until you can repeat. It usually takes a few hits, but it conserves ammo for Fast Zombies.
  3. Armored Zombies: The fastest method is a punch followed by a headshot. If you are out of ammo, simply punch him multiple times.
  4. Fire Zombies: Get as far away as possible before shooting. The explosion can take more than 2 thirds of your health, so make sure you don't use melee. If he is in a group, killing him will also blow up most zombies near him.
  5. Tentacle/Hair Zombies: Shoot them. Melee will be the worst idea ever. If you only have one shot, use it on these.
  6. Huge Zombies: A fully charged melee attack is not enough to kill them, so make sure you have a few rounds spare. Other than that, melee all the way.

Now you know how to kill each type of zombie. However, there are some tactics that are universal, such as:

  1. Laddering: Stay on a ladder, shoot the zombies, then climb up a little. As long as your feet are above their heads, they won't notice you. Just wait until they've gone away and repeat.
  2. Fire Bombing: If a Fire Zombie is present, shoot him and run away as fast as you can. He'll then explode and kill all Zombies near him.

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