Guide: Surviving a Zombie Attack

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So, you're in a room full of zombies. What now? First, figure out what zombies you're up against.

  1. Fast Zombies: Best dispatched with 2 or 3 headshots. If they are at the back of a big group, wait until they are at the front before shooting.
  2. Slow Zombies: If possible, use melee to kill them. The best tactic is to punch them, then run away until you can repeat. It usually takes a few hits, but it conserves ammo for Fast Zombies.
  3. Armored Zombies: The fastest method is a punch followed by a headshot. Also can be killed by shooting his legs. If you are out of ammo, simply punch him multiple times.
  4. Fire Zombies: Get as far away as possible before shooting. The explosion can take more than 2 thirds of your health, so make sure you don't use melee. If he is in a group, killing him will also blow up most zombies near him.
  5. Tentacle/Hair Zombies: Shoot them. Melee will be the worst idea ever. If you only have one shot, use it on these.
  6. Huge Zombies: A fully charged melee attack is not enough to kill them, so make sure you have a few rounds spare. Other than that, melee all the way.

Now you know how to kill each type of zombie. However, there are some tactics that are universal, such as:

  1. Laddering: Stay on a ladder, shoot the zombies, then climb up a little. As long as your feet are above their heads, they won't notice you. Just wait until they've gone away and repeat.
  2. Fire Bombing: If a Fire Zombie is present, shoot him and run away as fast as you can. He'll then explode and kill all Zombies near him.
  3. Peeping: If you broke the window you will get full visibility of the room. Sometimes this will warn you about enemies inside and even give you an opportunity to shoot Fire Zombie from save distance.

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