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Weapons are used to defeat zombies attacking you at stations.

Available weapons[edit | edit source]

Name Image Description
A high capacity, low-damage sidearm. Precise and fast. 6 shots in one

magazine, or 8 when upgraded. Can also be upgraded with laser sight.

The archetypal boomstick. High damage, high spread, low rate of fire.

Can hold two shots, or 4 when upgraded. Can be upgraded for a faster reload speed. Melee

attacks do slightly more damage than an empty hand, taking three hits

to defeat a zombie instead of four.

Rifle Just like the pistol, but with more ammo and higher fire rate if pressed.

16 shots per magazine.



Objects such as TV's, boxes, and chairs can be found throughout

the stations. When picked up and thrown at a zombie, they will

instantly kill it. Are destroyed upon throwing.